Post and Beam Construction–Lindal leads the way

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Post and beam construction. You hear about it a lot lately, but what exactly is Post and beam construction.Read this article from our archives and if you have any questions, please send us an email,

Inspired by master timber frame builders, Lindal’s unique post and beam homes allow for extraordinary design possibilities. You may desire an airy, spacious post and beam design that showcases the cedar and lets in the outdoors. Or you may prefer to arrange interior walls, doors and windows to manage traffic and to meet your most personal living style.

Post & beam allows for open spaces and big windows.

Post & beam allows for open spaces and big windows.

Post and Beam Homes
*Provides a strong framework of glulam posts and beams which supports the roof’s weight. Interior walls, as in timber frame homes, are freed from serving as structural support.
*Post and beam provides exceptional design flexibility, giving you the greatest flexibility of any building system to modify a floorplan to your needs.
*Post and beam allows for an open, airy interior with high ceilings and supports long spans and large expanses of glass—perfect for capturing your view.
And, Lindal offers post and beam home designs in more than 2,000 floor plans. So whether you want to build a 1,000 square foot cabin or a grand 6,000 square foot home, there is a post and beam home design in our library to suit your needs.

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