Prefab Green Home Plans

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One of the great things about living in New Zealand is our love of the environment. When it comes to building green, it’s not just about your home’s energy efficiency or star ratings of your appliances. Sustainable building practices include materials used and how much  from your building site winds up in the till. By using Lindal Cedar Homes’ proven building system–prefabricated home plans–you minimise waste in our green-friendly country. Argon double-glazed windows help with maintaining favourable indoor temperatures, which are standard with every Lindal Cedar Home. Consider Lindal’s forward thinking, corporate philosophy of being good stewards of the environment: Resource management, replacing trees used in our homes. For over 20 years we have planted over 100,000 trees in the names of our customers in partnership with the American Forests Global ReLeaf programme. Why the American Forest programme? Because all of our timber comes from North America; in fact, all red cedar comes from Canada. And cedar is one of the best wood products you can use to build a home.

Environmentally Friendly. Environmentally Responsible. That’s Lindal Cedar Homes.

Visit our corporate site for more info and our Prefab Green Home Plans:

Check out our 17 Green Reasons to choose Lindal for your Prefabricated Green Home Plans in the next post, or contact us for a brochure.



Build Strong. Build Green. Build Lindal.

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