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Kia Ora. Welcome to Lindal Cedar Homes New Zealand, independently represented by Douglas Custom Homes Ltd

Lindal Cedar Homes has a reputation of providing solidly built custom homes that are as beautiful as they are strong. Founded in 1945, Lindal has built more than 50,000 cedar homes all around the world. Known for our post and beam construction combined with high quality building materials, Lindal offers custom homes to suit any taste, from classic to modern. The Lindal building system features  timber delivered to your site ready for construction. And our Lifetime Structural Warranty is unsurpassed in the industry. In addition to homes that are designed by Lindal architects, we have home plans designed by some of the most prestigeous architects in North America. Their plans are included in our Dwell Collection (featuring designs by Joel Turkel)  and the Lindal Architects’ Collaborative (LAC). LAC architects include eight renowned architectural firms.

Green from the Ground Up

Lindal Cedar Homes is an international leader when it comes to building green. We are the first systems builder approved by the National Association of Home Builders in the association’s Green Building Standards. Time Magazine has bestowed honours on Lindal’s Dwell Homes Collection by including us in their
Green Design 100.

In fact, Lindal was founded on ‘green’ design by considering sustainability and the environment; you might say green is in our roots. We are world leaders in leading the way to reforestation. Visit the Lindal Cedar Homes corporate site for a 17 point list on how Lindal Builds Green from
the Ground Up

Built Solid

A Lindal home is a solidly built home that exceeds New Zealand’s current building guidelines and practices. In fact, one of our local Kiwi builders said ‘This house is the strongest house I’ve ever built.”  Further quantifying the comment, a local engineer said that Lindal Cedar Homes are 2 1/2 times stronger than regular housing. The reason: it’s the Lindal building system, which includes kiln-dried cedar. By using kiln-dried cedar from our own forest, cedar’s strength is increased and reduces warping. The exterior wood framing is 140mm x 45mm, as opposed to what is normally used, 90×45.  Exterior walls and roof are fully wrapped with 12.0mm plywood, which is not normally practiced in New Zealand. Argon double glazed windows are standard.

Reforestation quote

“Each year, Lindal’s reforestation program funds the planting of thousands of trees—more than enough to replace the material used in our homes.

Our goal: to ensure sustainability for generations
to come.”